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Pet Sitting

Caring & Loving

If you have a puppy who needs potty time while you are at work.

Your pet needs medicine, follow up treatment, therapy at certain hours.

If your pet spends too much time alone.

You need to be away from home for some days, Barking Bonds can visit your pet and give him quality time.


Sitter for challenging dogs

Barking Bonds has a distinct characteristic when pet sitting. One of the sitters is a dog behaviorist who will take a step beyond the experience with your dog. If your furry friend has any behavioral issues and you haven't been able to find the right fit for your needs, she has the skills to build a relationship with him. In this case, a previous assessment is required in order to determine the steps needed before giving the pet sitting service.

The sitters have taken care of dogs, cats, horses, ferrets and more, knowing how to cover their needs to be relaxed, happy, and safe while their human family is not with them.

The best place for a pet that is fearful, shy or nervous while you are away is their home, they will be more relaxed.


Even if you are away if they stay surrounded by everything they know they will feel more comfortable.

The sitter will go to your house to meet you and your pets, listen carefully to all your needs to be done, and start interacting with them to build a bond so when it comes the time for the first visit they will be happy.


Barking Bonds believes in giving quality attention to the pets under its care. During the visit, your pets need time to be excited when the sitter arrives, enjoy the company, eat, walk, play, be cuddled, and finish the visit relaxed.

Because your belongings are important too, the service includes: light and curtain rotation, watering plants, picking up mail, trash curbside.

If you need snow shoveling for an extra fee, it can be done too!

You can vary the number and the length of the visits as needed.

Pet Sitting
in your house

The visits include pet feeding, pet walking, mind games, playtime, relaxing massage, and lots of cuddles as requested. If needed; giving meds, follow up treatments or therapy.

No extra charge or hidden fees even on Holidays.

Because your pets deserve MORE THAN 15 MINUTES per visit, Barking Bonds offers:

30 minutes visit



1 hour VISIT




(10-12 hours)


Farm animals (horses, sheep...) ask for budget

Schedule a FREE visit for meet and greet, listen to your needs and design a unique and personalized service.

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