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Dog trainer, dog behavioral consultant Barking Bonds Olivia Bordone

¿Why Barking Bonds?

Because communication is first

The main goal of Barking Bonds is to help families understand their dog's behavior and acquire the skills needed to communicate with their dog in a natural, compassionate and caring way. I strive for a strong and ever lasting bond.


Barking Bonds offers you a scientific way to start communicating efficiently with your dog from the very beginning.

I use a proven training method which is based on:

  • Understanding how your dog communicates.

  • How your behavior affects in different ways your dog's behavior.

  • Acquire the skills to improve the communication with your dog.

Barking Bonds guides you to achieve your goals respecting the natural being of your dog, without altering his true essence or breaking his spirit.


Without an efficient communication, only information is delivered, either from the human to the dog or the other way around. This creates only confusion in both minds because we are two different species with two different "languages". It is our duty as dog guardians to learn their "language".


Dogs like to keep themselves busy. They have a real need to exercise both their minds and their bodies.


As humans, we have the responsibility to give our dogs positive options for exercising their minds and bodies; because if we don't, I can't guarantee your dog choice will be the one you'll like, such as chewing your belongings or developing a diversity of issues!


We bring dogs into our homes and get frustrated when they make choices we are not happy with.


Barking Bonds is here to help you understand your dog's behavior and to discover what triggers him to do what his not supposed to, so we can revert the unwanted behavior, by giving your dog a new mind set and teaching you a new way of life together. If we don't give our dogs acceptable enrichment activities and teach them that those activities have positive value, they'll continue doing what we dislike.

Therefore, is it fair to blame our dog for not doing what we want?

Barking Bonds believes we need to be creative, sometimes more than our dogs! and have fun while we teach them. The best way to do this is in a positive and less intrusive way, being always respectful towards the dog

You will acquire skills to achieve not only your present goals like good manners, enjoying his company in off-leash hiking or in a relaxed loose leash walk in town. You'll have the foundations for anything you would like to pursue with your dog in the future and even with your next dog!

Barking Bonds knows each dog and each family member is unique, therefore I can design tailored trainings based on your needs.


Barking Bonds will do the best to fit in your schedule.

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