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A Great Reputation



Olivia is so caring. Before finding her, I had no peace, my dogs weren't happy when I left them. With Oli, they recognized her and were eager to stay with her. They came back happy, more calm and educated. Oli is a great human being who translates her passion, love, understanding, commitment and professionalism to her job, and the ones benefited by that are her furry clients.We love her!! She's the best!

— Bella & Frida

Maria López Sánchez


My dog, Rio, and I have genuinely enjoyed Olivia’s help with training. Rio was just three months old when we first met Olivia and decided to hire her to help us train Rio properly, from the start. She promotes using positive reinforcement to help dogs understand proper, safe, and expected behavior. She is an expert dog trainer herself and provides guidance and feedback on you and your dog’s progress. Rio is now six-month-old. He knows his name, comes when called, and has learned the sit, down and stay commands. He walks and runs with me and is learning to be relaxed and respectful when meeting new people and other dogs. Finally, Olivia is full of ideas for having fun with your dog as he learns. Playing hide and seek, the shell game and finding treats in cardboard boxes to mention a few.

— Rio

Linda Ripley

I didn't have enough time for my dog because of my job, and Oli was the solution. She gave Grey the opportunity to meet other dogs and to be active.


She had customized attention for us and for our pet. Also helped us to stop Grey from being so dependent on us and to attend the recall when I walk her off-leash.

I totally recommend Oli, she is the best option, your dog will have personalized attention. Since she left Mexico Grey misses her and her human and canine family so much!

— Grey

Mario Canales


I contacted Olivia because my 2 beagles fight each other and she was the solution!

She changed their life, they stopped hurting each other. We were thinking to put one of them for adoption but Olivia's training worked out. Now they have more than 3 years without fighting and hurting themselves.

If someone has behavioral problems with their dogs they should look for her, she really loves animals and takes care of them. She is also an excellent person and very professional.

— Mila & Sabrina

Ana María


I wanted for my dogs to have some fun, to do some exercise but mainly to have them socializing with other dogs, because they couldn’t be but with each other. I felt comfortable with Olivia since day one, they love to go with her. They get so happy and excited on “school days” and are eager to go since the morning.


Cirilo started mingling with other dogs. Before going with Olivia, he hid behind me when he saw another dog and Martina wanted me to hold her in my arms. Now they started to change, if they spot a dog they want to go and play with him. Martina is super pampered and I love that Olivia pampers her too, because she treats them the way I do.


I love to take them and they love to go with her. They come back super tired and go to sleep. I would love for them to go every day to her day care and I know they are happy to be there when I see the reaction they have when they see her and how eager they are to get in, that says all for me. I highly recommend her, I’m a very happy client.

— Martina & Cirilo



My dogs had a lot of energy and didn't have emotional stability, they were restless at home. Olivia gave them the walks and quality time to cover their needs with lots of care and we could have a better relationship with them, it was easier to train them and they became calmed and balanced.

I recommend her, Olivia is the best option! Your dog will be happy with her because she treats them like their own with care and love. She's also an expert in canine wellness and dog training and can help you with any issue you have with your furry friend.

We were very happy with her, not only Ragnar and Floky also us!

— Ragnar & Floki

Arturo Sánchez

Olivia explains very well the dog's behavior and trains without stressing them with some sort of punishment.

She helped me to potty train my dog, to walk loose leash, and more. After working with her, everything changed. I now understand my pet's behavior.

My dog loves to be with her because besides giving her the opportunity to be with other dogs and enjoy the moment, she also feels at home, receiving all the love and care she needs.

Olivia is a beautiful, sincere, honest, and upright person.

— Nutella

Laura Garci-Crespo


Olivia helped with Cookie, she was so afraid when we got her. She gave me bonding exercises and now Cookie is less afraid and we have a better emotional relationship.

My dog became more relax and confident. She can finally feel at home. Definitely is accurate looking for a professional trainer and ask for help. I realized with her that the small things are very important and can be of great help!

— Cookie

Rubi Aguilar

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-10 at

My dog ran away every time we opened the garage door and Olivia help us training her and is a piece of mind not to worry about getting her lost!


Olivia help us to have a better coexistence with our dog.

She is a very loving pet person.

— Kura

Cristina Vázquez


I had a very energetic puppy. Olivia helped me become the alfa of the pack. Our relation improved a lot, and we enjoy more being together.

With her lessons, I gained experience and knowledge about the relationship between humans and dogs. Her teachings were priceless and helped me strengthen the bond with my dog.

My dog always kept her essence, which was very important to me.

Olivia is a genuine dog lover and respects canines. If you are looking for a trainer with whom your pet enjoys being and returns happy after the training, don't hesitate and lean on Olivia. She is the best reference I have to train and pet sit, she's part of my life. I would hardly consider someone else for my furry partner.

— Drusa

Carlos Perusquia

Testimonials: Testimonials

Olivia pet sitted my dog.


I could notice that Kimi got along better with other dogs, she is a reliable option.


I definitely would ask her again to take care of Kimi when I go away.

— Kimi


My dog learned lots of things being with Olivia. It was like a second home for Pancho. She always treated him very well, improved his good manners, and became happier.


I always recommend her and appreciate all the care she had with Pancho.

— Pancho

Claudia Arias


Chacho peed & poop inside the house, Olivia taught us how to train a puppy and afterwards everything improved! He went to the bathroom where he was supposed to. We started to enjoy the trips to the park and he was socializing with other animals, which he didn’t before Olivia.

For Chacho the pet sitting days are his favorite of the week, he has a big “smile” when we pick him up. He already recognizes the way toward her house and gets excited as soon as he realizes we´re heading there.

Olivia es the best! She has all the knowledge but also the caring and love.

— Chacho

Maripaz Fernández

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-03 at

Xaolin was very territorial and didn’t coexisted peacefully with other dogs. Because of Olivia, he became more friendly with other dogs, and became more independent. She always took so much care of him, as if I was with him.

As a pet sitter she is my best and only choice? I searched many places, tried some and he always came back upset. After staying with Olivia, he didn´t want to come back with me, it was obvious that he enjoyed so much the time spent with other dogs and relaxing.


She always sends videos of the walks, when and where he sleeps. Olivia and her family are unbeatable, the always treated Xaolin as their own. I always recommend her to all my acquaintances, because I know, there’s no one better.

— Xaolin

Maria Fernanda Arrezola

I contacted Olivia for basic obedience training and I can say she is the best trainer, all my family adores her.


I highly recommend her, is an excellent trainer and human being.


My family and I will be ever grateful.

— Sabrina

Nadyne Jimenez


When I left my dog alone in the house he was very anxious and Olivia helped us with this issue, she thought the family how to behave to help him. She has tons of tools to improve the relationship with your dog and to teach him good manners.

She has great experience in pet caring and she does her job very well. If you need pet sitting with her your pet will be in good hands.

— Floki

Alejandra Orellana


I didn’t have a wholesome place to take care of Goyo when my wife and I were away, Olivia was the perfect person to take care of Goyo and give him a second home for a little while.

Goyo got the trust he needed to roam free with other dogs in a safe environment.

She is the best at taking care of dogs, she is loving, caring, and enjoys every dog as if her own. Her family is used to having all kinds of dogs and they all chip in to give every dog a warm and joyful stay. They really are something special, and they send tons of videos every day for the owners to relax and have fun watching them.

Olivia left Mexico City a while ago and I and several other dog owners still miss her. There is no place like Olivia’s for your dog. They will be in trustable and loving hands. Oh, and I still sometimes watch every video she sent me during my honeymoon and laugh at the way my dog played around and had a great time.

— Don Goyo

Walter Westphal


Olivia took care of my dog when I was on vacation and was a problem because my dog swallowed a ball, but Olivia solved it very well.


She took him to the vet on time and did everything he needed and today my dog is alive with me!


And I'll trust my dog to her a thousand times again. She is a very responsible person and has the knowledge to solve dog problems and she does like with her own dogs.


She is so trust worthy and an excellent person.

— Mozo

Daniela Silvestre

I was having a hard time with my dogs, they didn't have good manners at all, Olivia helped with all, she taught me how to lose walk them, to train them in obedience.


She is the best, the walks aren't stressful anymore and I could have a better relationship with them.


Olivia is the only person I trust my doggies I always recommend her because she helped us a lot and my babies adore her!

— Harvey & Ivy

Georgina Mejía


I didn't have anyone to take care of my dog like I wanted to when I was away. Olivia had a daycare and boarding where they treat them as theirs, with all the care and professionalism.


When I pick her up, she's happy and well-fed.


She is the best option for boarding your dog if you like him to be like in your own home.


Olivia is an excellent human being

— Puka

Ana Paula Margain


Olivia, just a huge THANK YOU for your wonderful care of our 3 doggos! They are all different ages, different temperaments, and have different needs. They couldn't have been in better hands. . It was so reassuring to hear from you so regularly, with wonderful photos and videos, plus thank you for helping with a few other tasks while we were out of town. Clearly you have great love and care for the dogs, and we trust you implicitly. Tell anyone asking for a recommendation to reach out to me!

— Luca, Annie & Tico

Barb Isenberg Wade


Manola had separation anxiety. After working with Olivia she doesn´t panic anymore when we leave her alone.

As a trainer Olivia is wonderful. For pet sitting, she´s amazing. She treats them wonderfully, Manola stays happily and I leave her knowing the walks in the park will be safe and fun.

I leave my treasure with all the peace of mind, knowing she´s going to be taken care, pampered and taught with all of Olivia's love an passion. I recommend her a 100%.  

— Manola

Monica Pueblita


When Nina arrived in our lives, Olivia’s help was very important to start teaching her commands. She was very destructive and the training with Olivia helped to reduce this conduct.


She also guided us on how to prepare and welcome successfully a second dog and how to make both dogs to get along. Thanks so much Olivia.

— Nina

Carolin Voelker


Olivia is the kindest, sweetest, most patient dog trainer! I enlisted her services even before my pup came home with me. I wanted to do things right, right from the start and she helped me tremendously along the way.

We met weekly when she was young (you can do however often you want) and we worked on everything from the time she was 3 months, until about 8 months.

I now have a year old puppy who is polite, will follow commands and everyone just loves. Thank you Olivia!

— Missy


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Barking Bonds has done a great job of taking care of our anxious, reactive dog when we go out of town. Olivia and her sons have been accommodating in her availability 9even when we have late requests or schedule changes) and always provides regular text updates.

We are grateful to have peace of mind when we are away, knowing Barking Bonds will take great care of Yadi!

— Yadi


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