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Enjoy & Relax

Pet Sitting: Services

Barking Bonds LLC Inssured & Bonded

Boarding & Day Care

Premium care only for existing clients or dogs who have taken a training package or pet sitting services in the past 

Limited spots at a time.

At BB we strive to be the second home of your pouch, that’s why we don’t charge extra fees!

In every stay your dog will receive the care he needs: exercise outdoors/indoor, sniffing time solving puzzles, special Kong treat, one on one play and cuddle time, follow up with treatments and therapies if needed, and the best of all you tell us how your dog use to sleep and he’ll sleep in the same way with us: on the bed, under the bed, in the bedroom, in a crate, under the sheets.

You name it, we do it! Because we care and believe a relax dog is a happy dog!


Requirements for health and safety of all:

  • Vaccinations updated: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella

  • Food with the measure included 

  • Food bowl 

  • Collar with tags 

  • Leash 

  • A used t-shirt with your smell 

All labeled with the name of your dog 


Specific days and times for different sizes and energy levels.

Pitbull Portrait
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