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Olivia Bordone

Experienced Dog Trainer & Behavioral Consultant

Dog trainer, dog behavioral consultant Barking Bonds Olivia Bordone

Since I was a kid I’ve loved being in nature surrounded by animals. I was a Texan girl who grew up in Mexico. My dog training journey started when I was at college, more than 30 years ago! With Chagall a Shabrador (mix German Sheperd-Labrador)


My mentor was a compassionate dog lover who learned from the Italian dog rescue team the natural method of training, which is based on ethology (animal behavior) and dog psychology.


I’ve competed in obedience, guard, and protection with 95% performance out of 100. I have a Bachelors degree in Communication Science. My thesis was focused on communication between humans and dogs using the natural method.

Since my teenager years I have had rescued several dogs from the mexican streets, healing them physically and emotionally so they could be placed in a loving and forever home. Giving me the opportunity to work with all kinds of issues from aggression, leash reactivity, excessive barking, fearful dogs, separation anxiety.


My journey continues with years of practice with all kinds of dogs and owners, a trip to Italy and Sweden to continue learning from great trainers who always prioritize the well-being of the dog.

Dog trainer, dog behavioral consultant Barking Bonds Olivia Bordone

Horses are also present in my journey. I have experienced and studied from competitions, wellness, and management concluding with my own horse riding center. I was involved in all the activities related to the handling, management and training.


I also studied to become an equine therapist to help children with different needs. This experience reassured my perspective on the natural ways kids have to connect with animals; I learned from them, creative ways to attract dog's attention.

Since 2018, I had my own training, stress and kennel free daycare and boarding for dogs @barkingbonds and dog walking which gave me joy and tons of experience until I decided in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic to return to my native country and came to Fort Collins, CO to breath the fresh air of the mountains.

Despite I achieved a Mexican professional dog trainer certification with UMPAS I decided to start a US certification to update my knowledge.


I'm always willing to help people understand better their dogs. I aim to achieve a positive an efficient communication to meet your specific goals.

Barking Bonds is a family business and locally owned, my sons have been helping me since little kids so they have taken care of several pets through the years

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