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Dog Walking

Nurturing Mind & Body

Dogs have a natural need to be active, their strongest sense is the smell, they get to know everything using their nose, that's why they love and need several walks a week. This balances mind and body and results in healthy & happy life!

Dog walking is not meant to tire your dog. The more you exercise him, the more physical condition he obtains, the activity aims to channel his energy through all it has to offer.

I like to say that walking dogs is a matter of enjoying the walk and the dog, guiding the dog from an excited state of mind at the beginning of the walk through time of sniffing, exercising, play, and finishing the walk leaving a relaxed dog with a big smile.

Special packages for several times a week and for more than one dog.

Please submit your needs and let BB tailor the right service for you and your dog.

Schedule a FREE consultation for meet and greet, listen to your needs and design a unique and personalized service to achieve YOUR goals.

Dog Walking: Services

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